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February 2016

January 2016

Not only do I feel the best version of myself since I joined KHF, but the endless amount of support and encouragement is amazing.  This network of incredible strong women inspire me each and every day.  Whether it be group classes, Buddy Personal Training, Boxing, or Boot Camp, every day I am motovated even more! I have been very happy since my first day at KHF!  Thank you Kathy for your support and friendship, and for challenging me to live KHF STRONG everday in every aspect of my life.  DD

October  2015

Thank you for your inspiration, strengrth, positivity, support, love, humor, and motivation.  I am nothing without you and I am so lucky i walked into KHF last October! 

October 2014

After being diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis I didnt think I was ever going to be able to exercise again.I was very unhappy with the weight I gaind from my illness. I have been tring to lose weight for years. I tried all the popular diets, exercise, walking, and running...  NOTHING seemed to work. I contacted Kathy and she invited me to a complementary class. I am still an active KHF member.   Kathy introduced me to strength training and modified classes which have helped increase my endurance, giving me the strength to handle my flare ups, which have subsided substantially since adding weight training to my exercise routine  I have lost over 50 inches too!  I feel better mentally and physically. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years!  Not only is Kathy a great motivator, she has become my friend and mentor to me as well  MC 

February 21st, 2014

I came to KHF back in September for an Open House. My friend Nancy told me about Kathy and her Belly dancing classes. Little did I know I'd sign up for more than Belly dancing classes. KHF offers a variety of classes and I've enjoyed each & everyone of them. I've never felt intimidated - we're one big family and we're all there to get in shape and have fun. Kathy is awesome - she corrects your form when needed, encourages you to keep going when you think you can't go any further and she tells you what a great job you're doing. Each time I leave one of Kathy's classes, I'm sore, but as she says...no pain, no gain. I know I'll never go anywhere else except KHF! Don't ever leave us Kathy!!!! ~Hilde B.

January 28th, 2013

At the end of September I met this woman..... Little did I know she would be responsible for my motivation to get fit for my wedding and bring back the healthy lifestyle I once had..... Since Oct. 1st, as of today I've lost 15 lbs and 16 inches! Kathy Gonnelli Henkel, you are an INCREDIBLE woman who has taught me about my own personal strength (both mental and physical)! We're not done yet, Hawaii isn't until August! Bring on the tires, challenges, and dead lifts! Can't wait to put on that dress this Thursday! :) ~Keiko Y.


January 15, 2013

“What a Difference a Year Makes”


THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when Kathy Henkel becomes part of your life. She saves it.

One year ago I was waking up to a reality I didn’t like. I was overweight, numbed out, isolated, and unfit. I was missing out on the joy of health and shying away from a fuller life. My life was small, my attitude had flat lined, and I had hit the wall and was ready to change. I had been a healthy and active person before in my life and knew I needed to find my way back. I told myself I was battling a genetic legacy of overweight tendencies and a middle-aged metabolism.  I was coming off years of numbing anti-depressants and staring daily into a closet of “fat clothes”, and a mirror of self-disapproval.

I started taking advantage of all the free trials area gyms were offering to get a good feel for what was going to work for me now. Then I went to Kathy Henkel Fitness to - WATCH! – a class or two and see what I was in for.

Everything was different; the studio environment, the positive, motivating energy, the welcome feeling, and the collaborative attitude of the women taking the classes. I watched in amazement at these women – so strong, and totally and completely enjoying themselves and each other – and thought to myself “I WANT SOME OF THAT!” I ended up participating - for a DOUBLE class that night and I never looked back.

I have never been the “joiner type,” the thought of group exercise was horrific to me, and my first few classes meant being honestly confronted with the reality of my then compromised physical state. But Kathy Henkel’s Magic worked its way in, gently but solidly, and within a mere week or two, I was feeling AND seeing my efforts take hold.

Kathy encouraged me to meet myself where I was, to make my best stab at each exercise every time, and to trust the process. Kathy celebrated my efforts on the same level as my results, and it has made all the difference.

Since becoming part of the KHF Family, I have shed over 35 pounds, a stunning number of inches, and released myself from the rut I was in. I now fit into 3 pairs of “skinny” jeans (from the back of my closet) I had hanging on my wall and had been staring at since last February. I take ZERO medications, and am rarely sick. I am nicer, more fun, and mentally flexible. I am stronger, more positive, and can see and feel the workouts showing up in my everyday life – from greater strength in daily moving to increased energy for fun. I sleep better, think more clearly, have a better attitude, and have gained a posse of dedicated, supportive women who inspire me and keep me going. I laugh more. And I approve of myself.

I have completed a Mud Run, a 5K, and a Warrior Dash – something I never thought would happen – and I am on my way to my 2013 challenges. It was Kathy’s ever-present encouragement and generous, confident spirit that made me believe I could – and I am. I can’t wait to see what Kathy will get me into this year!

Kathy Henkel Fitness is the reason I can feel good about sharing my past year’s journey, in an honest and brave and real way. The proof is POSITIVE. Look at these photos! Then come see for yourself what happens when Kathy Henkel enters YOUR life. You won’t look back.


With gratitude, KB

 April 2011
This is an email I just received and wanted to share with you:" Hi Kath, just a quick thought that just popped into my head, as if you don't get enough emails!  Anyway...I'm sitting here thinking how much I have despised exercise all of my life, never liking to sweat and now, thanks to YOU, I don't mind it at all.  In fact, I like the I feel when the hour is over.  I love the feeling when my body hurts, it's a good feeling.  Your classes are NEVER the same, and somehow you manage to throw in a few different exercises that just changes up the class so the routine doesn't become boring.  YOU bring a high spirit to the class that's really great and I think it's felt by one and all that walk through your studio door...SO...just wanted to acknowlege you for making this difference for me and creating this comfortable space that surrounds one and all in your studio...Hats off!! And...I can finally feel a difference in my body, as it is getting more toned...THANK YOU!" ~ Sue

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May 2011

There are no words to describe how wonderful I feel since I’ve met Kathy Henkel. Originally I started with her at New Milford’s Adult Education program taking Belly Dance classes once a week.

Her enthusiasm and explanation of each movement is exceptional. When Kathy mentioned she was opening her on place, to say the least, I was thrilled. The atmosphere is fabulous. Every class is challenging and it’s fun to sweat with everyone else. The only class I have not tried is kick boxing. I love each moment of class..on average I am there 7-8 hours a week…learning, laughing, and losing weight!!

I am truly Kathy’s biggest fan and I will be here for many years to come.

Barbara Roper

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 June 2011

Last spring my friends gave me a gift certificate to Kathy's Boot camp for my birthday. I started going to Kathy's, Boot camp once a week and I was really out of shape. After the first night I was totally humbled. I was humiliated because I could not keep up and I was so very sore the next few days after that class. I dreaded going back the next week and if it wasn't for the fact that it was a gift I wouldn't have.

Slowly over the next few weeks I started to really enjoy the class and found that I was able to do more and more. Kathy was so motivating and never ever called attention to what I was unable to do. She just kept pushing me on.

I absolutely loved the positive energy in her style and they way she inspired me to work harder. I was amazed that she would be working right along side of us and not just barking out instructions.

I was slowly starting to change. I began to make more time for myself, I added more classes, dropped some weight, built muscle, and gained self confidence. I am more fit and feel strong. I have made some wonderful new friends at the studio who are also very supportive and a ton of fun to be with.

Kathy has made me realize that it's not so much what I can't do, but what I CAN do...and I AM doing it! Thank you Kathy for all of your help and encouragement this past year. You are truly one amazing women and I am so thankful to have been given the chance to meet you. Looking back to

the last year, the gift from my friends that I once dreaded was actually the best thing that could have happened to me.


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June 2011

I thought I was in fairly good shape and then I went to my first Boot Camp with Kathy! I could not complete the class.
That was just about a year ago. Since then I have taken just about every class Kathy offers. I feel better then I have in years.
My body is toner and I think I look better too....:) Kathy is a great motivator, always positive and encouraging and she makes the classes fun.

Thanks for everything, Maura.........

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I started working out at Kathy Henkel Fitness in September 2010. I was hoping to lose some weight and inches. Well, not only did I lose inches, weight, and transform my body…… I found this inner strength that I didn’t know I had. I realized it wasn’t just me working out , but I was surrounded by such wonderful SUPPORTIVE women!!

I look around the room as we are working out and think…we are all doing this together….we all have a goal we are striving for. AND THAT ENCOURAGEMENT is just what I needed and truly enjoy. It’s something I personally can not find in a “normal “ gym.

Kathy Henkel Fitness is the environment I didn’t realize I was searching for, and the inner happiness I have found is something MORE than I ever expected.

Wendy Hurlbert

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"I started strike last spring and really enjoyed trying a new (to me) way to exercise. I felt like I was burning calories and getting out lots of stress! Since July I have been going 2-3 times per week. I have lost about 8 pounds without doing much to change my diet. The shape of my body has also changed. Besides the health benefits I really look forward to strike because it is fun.The music really gets you going and Kathy is  very encouraging. It always seems she knows when I need her to shout "you can do it"!


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"After having two children, my body simply wasn't what it used to be. Having always been an athlete, it was difficult for me to accept the fact that I was out of shape. I approached Kathy about personal training because I knew she was the best. Kathy was very receptive to helping me; she immediately set up a plan for me which included weight lifting, strike kickboxing and other cardio workouts. I fell in love with the Strike class immediately. It made me feel strong. It changed how I viewed my body. However, it was not the classes or the personal training that helped me as much as it was Kathy's encouragement. Absolutely Kathy is a trained professional who is knowledgeable in what she does; but, she's more than that. Kathy believes in the people that take her classes. She encouraged me to push when I didn't think I had anything left in me. She introduced me to classes that not only helped change my body, but changed my spirit. When I approached Kathy about classes and training, I was expecting (and got) someone who would push me. What I am experiencing is that and so much more. I received the gift of friendship, and in the process a healthy lifestyle and a much healthier sense of self-esteem. There is no one better than Kathy Henkel."

Denise Trach

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"I love STRIKE kickboxing - the energy in that class is amazing and I work much harder than I would at ordinary exercise.   My legs are stronger and I have much more endurance that I used to have.  When does the next session start up? :)"

Chris Smith

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"WOW with Kathy is fun and keeps me committed to a regular program.   Doing weights alone at home becomes work and I find it's easy for me to make deals with myself and put it off.
In addition, Kathy is creative and always encourages me to do just a little bit more."

Louise Meyer

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"The thing that always amazes me about Kathy is her ability to continually come up with new ways to exercise, either by dreaming up new themed classes, or by continually finding new and different ways for us to work our bodies. They are all fun, effective and safe. In the WOW classes, Kathy utilizes different workout equipment at each session, and we never know what section of the gym she will lead us to. We get to try everything that is appropriate for us. Her ideas and creativity are boundless, and no two sessions are ever alike. This prevents boredom and exercise burnout, and we are easily motivated to come back for more. That is why I have stuck with Kathy over several years, and plan to continue to do so."

Roberta Beech