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Strike Boxing

The next session of STRIKE Boxing will be held at

Phys-Ed in New Milford

Monday nights will move to 6:00PM and start June 4th

and Wednesday mornings 8:00 will start June 6th  Registration will open the week of May 6th!!

 Hope to see yexperience!!

 Reserve .......they fill up fast!!

Drop-ins available upon request


Teen STRIKE Class!



To inquire or reserve a spot for your teen please call me. Its a very scary world out there and all girls should have some sort of self-defense training!

This class will teach the girls offense and self defense techniques, allowing them to gain confidence and skill level by working at several stations on the heavy bags Light pad work with Kathy (the instructor) will be included. Kathy is a certified Boxing/self defense instructor with 16 years experience on the heavy bag.

Adult STRIKE:  The pace you'll be working at will place a great demand on your cardiovascular system. Just as fighters must learn to dig deep to continue the battle when they are tired and hurt, adapting to these exhaustive workouts will prepare you for tougher weight workouts,  cardio sessions, and or any other physical activity you are into. Not only will you sculpt a knockout body--lean and tautly muscled-- you'll gain mental fortitude to gut through bouts of anything life can throw you!

Knockout Arms...

Q. "What's better for getting tight toned arms, a sculpting class or a boxing class?"

A. "You will get more bang for your buck out of a boxing class: says Kathy. " I am definitely a big believer in free weights. With the STRIKE workout instead of isolating biceps and triceps with dumbells and bodybars, punch combinations work more than one muscle at a time...and if you are in a class using focus pads, or heavy bags, you are getting adequate resistance. STRIKE kickboxing gives you a fat-burning cardio workout, so you will see changes more quickly".

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Instructor Kathy Henkel who has been teaching Kickboxing for 15 years, says "Strike Kickboxing is a great way to tone up, develop lean long muscle and have the kind of physique that we all want to have."

Henkel, who trained in New York city with professional boxer Michael Olajade, states that the secret is using a stationary punching bag for a combination of drills and exercises that provide both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training at the same time. "These drills give you a total body workout, targeting problem areas such as the mid-section, legs, arms and buttocks" says Henkel

STRIKE kickboxing can help you develop more lean body mass than other forms of resistance training. "You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body changes and your body fat percentage drops.

A STRIKE kickboxing workout on a punching bag is what makes all the difference from other workouts, because the bag provides resistance. Resistance combined with intensive cardio, is what makes a STRIKE workout so effective and so much fun!

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Strike $89 per six week sessions...must reserve bag!!
Class is limited to 13 people!!