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Kathy's Kick Ass Boot Camp

Outdoor BOOT CAMP 

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Kick Ass Boot Camp

Why should I join a Boot Camp Class??

In the past, few women would have considered joining a fitness boot camp as an answer to their weight loss and fitness problems. However, today the obvious benefits of these boot camps workouts have made many women reconsider the advantages of using fitness boot camps to improve their fitness. Many women have discovered that regardless of their current fitness and exercise level, it is very hard to beat the health and fitness benefits of consistent and regular boot camp workouts.
An important reason motivating women to choose a fitness boot camp is that the fitness boot camps offer one of the best workouts for rapid weight loss. Even women that have had difficulty losing weight in the past or are following through on an exercise program have found great results after joining a boot camp class. Kathy’s boot camp will offer a progression of each exercise for novice, intermediate, and advanced boot camp participants. As you gain fitness stamina and strength, the progressive difficulty of each exercise will continue to challenge you.
One reason boot camp workouts work so well for weight loss and toning muscle is that these fitness workouts are based on proven techniques of resistance and cardiovascular training, as well as specific weight training exercises. Building muscle is essential to boosting the body’s metabolism and effectively and efficiently losing weight by burning more calories through out the day.

Benefits of Kathy’s Kick-Ass Boot camp:

**Provide structure and consistency in your work out routine

** Motivation” I will make you work

**Cardiovascular conditioning to keep your heart healthy

**Improved bone density which prevents osteoporosis

**Build lean muscle which burns fat

**Burn 600 + calories per class, which will continue to burn through out
the day.

**FUN Group training is motivational and challenging
My boot camp workout will be a high intensity, fat-burning, and muscle toning workout which will and can save time for the busy lifestyle mom or the busy professional women.
Women from many fitness and health backgrounds can benefit from this fitness boot camp which is designed specifically for women. Signing up for Kathy’s boot camp may be one of the best ways to get in shape and lose weight, rev up your engine and get that energy and stamina back into your life.