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Fitness Class Schedule


BarreFit  A ballet inspired workout to lengthem and strengthen your muscles. Great leg work out with a touch of yoga and stretching to end the class.

Belly Dance FIT
Get a great workout and burn lots of calories with this full body workout that slims and tones through cardiovascular and strength building dance moves. Muscle isolation exercises tone your hips, thighs, and abs. Beautify your body while experiencing belly dancing's charms. Shimmy to the best music. This isn't your traditional slow Belly Dance class~~This is fast paced and fun~ and everyone can do it. I promise you will be hooked after your first class!! No dance experience needed.

Body 360 a series of Hi/Lo intensity exercises using the Medicine Ball. Great workout!! Bring your own 8 lb ball

BOUNCE FIT: New!A trampolene workout like no other!!! Great for endurance training.

Buddy FIT grab a buddy and lets work.  You will work in a team of two  to conquer this workout, using weights, medicine ball and bands!

Burn it Up  Power sets using the PUMP bar! this class will have those muscles screaming for more cuz your gonna look so hot!

Energy Sculpt Get your cardio and strength training all in one class.  Easy to follow cardio movements  using hand held weights throughout the whole class!! Sure to burn calories and sculpt and tone muscles.

Girls with GUNS! New! Arms, arms, and more arms! Beautiful biceps and no jiggly arms are our goal!

Hit MIX  New! Hit Mix is a High Intesity training class that will have you dripping in sweat. 5 Rounds of 5 exercises.... 50 seconds per exercise. Mixing it up is GREAT for your muscles and metabolism!! 

Legs, leg, legs    The name says it ALL. Squats, lunges. and challenging leg exercises tp trim and sculpt those legs ladies 

Hoop and Core  Like Pilates? This is a ballet inspired class. A great core workout using a hula hoop. lengthen and strengthen your muscles with this challenging core class!

Meltdown: New!A few exercise segments with a ton of reps! Countdown ...Meltdown!! Be ready to sweat!

POWER Focus A structured class using heavier weights.  This class will be offered for those of you that have taken PUMP class for at least 6 weeks! Ask Kathy if you are ready for this class.*Xp is an express half hour class!

Barbell class to strengthen the entire body. One hour of pure weights~working the entire body and all muscle groups.  All women should be incorporating weights/strength training into their everyday routine.

PUMP FIT  Lighter pump bar...... higher rep class!  Great energetic strength training class.  You will work every muscle group and pump to awesome music!!

ROCKOUT  (Pop up class)   A sweatfest that will bring out your inner Rockstar!! This total body conditioning class( using drumsticks) will have your body rocking and rolling using all  major muscle groups.  FUN, FUN, FUN, and SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT, while burning mega calories 600-8oo per class!

SHE BEASTS New!!Test your strength with a variety of strength, HIT exercises, and powerful moves! Great streength and endurance workout!

Shred! This is a class utilizing the kettlebell (BYOKB) 50 minutes of challenging exercises with the KB.  I think your going to love it!!

Stiletto Strength is Back!!

This class is a fun sexy way to strengthen and sculpt the quads, calves, hamstrings and of course your buns! (And yes most of the class is done in your high heeled stilettos ladies) Another bonus to this class is improved balance and posture.  This is a killer leg workout, and you will love how your legs look after just a few classes.
* intermediate to advanced class~not intended for anyone who has had knee surgery.

STRIKE kickboxing $ ( Paid Program...click STRIKE link to learn more)

Sweat Shop  Pure Cardio at its finest...bring a towel and be ready to get that heart rate up! A heart pumping awesome cardio/plyometric workout!

Tabata*/H.I.T Tabata/ HIT (high intensity training)  is ultimate workout for cardio and fat burning. Tabata is an intense interval training/circuit which gets the body's major muscle groups involved. With high intensity exercise your body continues to burn fat long after your workout is complete. This is a great class to start your weekends metabolic fire!! *not for the weak hearted or unconditioned person

WOD (work out of the Day) Kathy will leave a board up with a WOD for you to do at your own pace.  It will be challenging too!



contact Kathy @ 203-947-0265

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