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Success Stories



Maria M.

I have never liked to exercise, that has certainly changed since becoming a member at KHF.  It is about having fun, feeling fabulous, seeing fulfilling results, and being part of a family.  Thank you Kathy for helping me take the "t" out of CAN'T.  Thank you for giving me the confidence and for making me feel young again.  You are not only a trainer, but someone who truly cares about each of your members.  What a wonderful journey it has been.I look forward to continuing this journey into 2013.  ~Maria Wathley
Hardwork and determination were a major role in Marias transformation.  She has worked so hard since starting at KHF almost a year ago.  25 pounds and 22 inches VANISHED!! She continues her healthy lifestyle change and to reach even bigger goals and challenges this year.  even more goals for 2013.  Way to go Maria



Another KHF client on her way to a healthier lifestyle. 24 pounds and 15 inches down...but It's not just about losing weight, it is about becoming stronger, healthier, and a lifestyle change.  Sam did her first three 5Ks this year, including the Warrior Dash.  Way to go Sam! She continues to challenge herself with more goals for 2013.




On March, 2009 my life changed for the better! My Diabetes is almost at normal levels and I was taken off one of my medications. My back is stronger and surgery is no longer needed. My Fibromyalgia has improved and I no longer need medication to deal with the pain as I have for so many years.

Since I starting working out, I have changed my eating habits and have committed myself to being fit ~I have lost 47lbs. Thanks to all of the encouragement and support I get at KHF. I love hearing the words "You can do it", "Finish Strong", "Great Job" and so much motivation.

I will continue on my journey of a better me with the help and support of Kathy Henkel Fitness! On a personal note thank you Kathy for being such a caring, loving teacher, friend and motivator. You do your job from your heart and I thank you.

KHF is a place where I can go to workout, laugh, let loose and have fun with all you incredible ladies!

Love & Hugs to all of you at KHF and may we continue on this positive journey together! As Kathy would say "YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! ♥♥ Cathy (Aka Shimmy Chick)

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What a difference a year makes from a KHF member

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when Kathy Henkel becomes part of your life. She saves it.

One year ago I was waking up to a reality I didn’t like. I was overweight, numbed out, isolated, and unfit. I was missing out on the joy of health and shying away from a fuller life. My life was small, my attitude had flat lined, and I had hit the wall and was ready to change. I had been a healthy and active person before in my life and knew I needed to find my way back. I told myself I was battling a genetic legacy of overweight tendencies and a middle-aged metabolism.  I was coming off years of numbing anti-depressants and staring daily into a closet of “fat clothes”, and a mirror of self-disapproval.

I started taking advantage of all the free trials area gyms were offering to get a good feel for what was going to work for me now. Then I went to Kathy Henkel Fitness to - WATCH! – a class or two and see what I was in for.

Everything was different; the studio environment, the positive, motivating energy, the welcome feeling, and the collaborative attitude of the women taking the classes. I watched in amazement at these women – so strong, and totally and completely enjoying themselves and each other – and thought to myself “I WANT SOME OF THAT!” I ended up participating - for a DOUBLE class that night and I never looked back.

I have never been the “joiner type,” the thought of group exercise was horrific to me, and my first few classes meant being honestly confronted with the reality of my then compromised physical state. But Kathy Henkel’s Magic worked its way in, gently but solidly, and within a mere week or two, I was feeling AND seeing my efforts take hold.

Kathy encouraged me to meet myself where I was, to make my best stab at each exercise every time, and to trust the process. Kathy celebrated my efforts on the same level as my results, and it has made all the difference.

Since becoming part of the KHF Family, I have shed over 35 pounds, a stunning number of inches, and released myself from the rut I was in. I now fit into 3 pairs of “skinny” jeans (from the back of my closet) I had hanging on my wall and had been staring at since last February. I take ZERO medications, and am rarely sick. I am nicer, more fun, and mentally flexible. I am stronger, more positive, and can see and feel the workouts showing up in my everyday life – from greater strength in daily moving to increased energy for fun. I sleep better, think more clearly, have a better attitude, and have gained a posse of dedicated, supportive women who inspire me and keep me going. I laugh more. And I approve of myself.

I have completed a Mud Run, a 5K, and a Warrior Dash – something I never thought would happen – and I am on my way to my 2013 challenges. It was Kathy’s ever-present encouragement and generous, confident spirit that made me believe I could – and I am. I can’t wait to see what Kathy will get me into this year!

Kathy Henkel Fitness is the reason I can feel good about sharing my past year’s journey, in an honest and brave and real way. The proof is POSITIVE. Look at these photos! Then come see for yourself what happens when Kathy Henkel enters YOUR life. You won’t look back.







While taking a class in 2008 I heard so much activity in the class next door that it struck my curiosity. The following week I took my first class with Kathy, Belly Dance Fit. From that point on I was addicted, exercise has became a part of my everyday life. Kathy has a special gift to keep her clients motivated!
Kathy takes the time to insure that her clients are enjoying her classes and benefiting from them as well. She checks that your posture is correct, changes music on a regular basis so boredom doesn’t kick in. She makes her classes difficult but yet fun to keep us motivated. Kathy listens, follows through and puts her client’s needs first. Her studio has become part of our lives. It is a place where women can come together to exercise, to talk and to share. Unlike a typical gym, at the studio we exercise without intimidation; we share our thoughts and most importantly have a trainer with over 20 years experience teaching classes.
In January of 2011 I was at an all time low, physiologically and physically. I felt there was nowhere to hide. Kathy knew I wasn’t right. She knew that I needed to focus and challenge myself to change how I was feeling. So as any good friend would do, she challenged me to do something for myself while physically benefiting from it as well. She asked me to join her in an Air Climb. I kept telling her I couldn’t do it, Kathy wouldn’t hear me. As any dedicated trainer would do, she was persistent until I agreed. January 21, 2011 was the day that changed the way I viewed myself. She pushed me to the limit, wouldn’t let me say “I can’t do it” and never let me give up. The day after I agreed to do this, a routine was in place and the preparation for the climb, 42 stories, 914 steps. On March 26, 2011 the mission was complete.
We embarked on this journey and never looked back. Kathy trained me an average of 2 hours a day with a minimum of 4 days a week. We moderately modified my diet and the transformation took place. The pounds and inches started to come off, but more importantly my attitude was positive. She would PUSH me, wouldn’t hear it when I would say I can’t do this. She has a way of motivating her clients, makes them feel good about every little step they take until she sees results. Will take you by the hand and make you feel like you are the only person in the world and how important you are. How you need to find and focus on yourself in order to help others. She has transformed my body, my mind and most importantly motivated me to have the confidence I never knew I had.
Kathy truly is a gem in the world of fitness. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be a member of Kathy Henkel Fitness can testify to this. For me, it was life changing and there is only one way to exercise, with a trainer who cares….Kathy Henkel.
Thanks for the change I never thought possible, for the friendship that I cherish and for being you. I love you and thank you for what you have made of me and for the studio that you’ve created with women in mind. The friendships we have made, the transformations we have witness and the confidence we all have by being members of Kathy Henkel Fitness.
Maria Couto
Lifetime member


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